AWP Network Program Manager, Florentina Agu Discusses the AWP Network Vendor Program with Participants in Cohort 1


Get Your Products Into ShopRite Through The AWP Network Vendor Program 

The AWP Network wants you to participate in its vendor program. 

The high-impact local supplier program in collaboration with ShopRite provides a real life opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Nigeria to get their products out into the marketplace.

The competitive AWP Network Vendor program (@awpvendor), which launched last year on July 15, 2020, received over 2,500 vendor applications. Only 100 vendors were accepted into the program, 61 vendors were certified to complete the program and received the opportunity to pitch their products to ShopRite Nigeria. 

The AWP Network Vendor program is a capacity building program for local vendors seeking professional guidance regarding best practices and guidelines to become vendor suppliers.

The AWP Network Vendor program will continue to work with small business owners who are interested in operating as suppliers, by recruiting additional retailers as partners. 

The following qualified vendors: Patience Salifu of CondimentPlus, Ogola Lois Kange of Smiley’z Mobile Kitchen, Olufunmilola Shelika of Gef’s Smoked Edibles, Ebun Feludu of JAM – The Coconut Food Company, Chigozie Bashua of The Nutplace Ventures, Patrick Karunwi of Kalos Agro Homes, Boma Whyte of Kringle Cookies, and Chidimma Uzoma-Mba of Zayith Yogurt have been accepted to supply to ShopRite Nigeria.

Interested in becoming a vendor or supplier; apply for the program through Follow on twitter and instagram: @awpvendor

Have questions or concerns, please email: Mary  (at)

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