Yasmina Edwards and Freda Isingoma Launch The Village Femme


The Village Femme aims to create an engaging, inspirational, supportive and informative safe space for a network of women across the globe who are influencing change across industries and borders. At Village Femme, we believe that education stretches beyond the four walls and hallowed halls of educational institutions. Education is also about sharing knowledge, providing support, collaborating and creating meaningful and impactful partnerships. 

Yasmin Edwards states, \”our shared passion for empowering women and the way we support, partner and collaborate together as women, is what inspired “The Village Femme”. Last month, during a Corona Virus quarantine check-in, while sharing our vulnerabilities, anxieties, opportunities and goals in this changing environment, Freda and I agreed that there was a need for a global female network that allowed us to just be. How? To be as women, working our way through this world both personally and professionally, where we can share our dreams, experiences, expertise, failures and possibilities in a safe space. After all, we had created that kind of relationship together?! So why not create that kind of broader environment with a group of women that we respect, love and admire? And there “The Village Femme” story begins….\”

The platform will provide an engaging online network for women entrepreneurs, captains of industry and game-changers to come together and create powerful connections, find inspiration and provide support, resources and solutions to everyday personal and business challenges as they navigate today’s changing global dynamics.

Contact the team here: thevillagefemme (at) gmail.com

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