Apply for the 2020 Les Margaret Women Entrepreneur Award


The #lesMargaret Award was established for women entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who are changing the world from Europe and Africa. Created in 2013 by DWD and supported by Margaret Hamilton, the award highlights big ideas and innovations from committed and inspiring digital women who are disrupting challenges that our society is facing today.

The les Margaret Award will offer to four (4) winners funding to support and accelerate the growth of their business. As part of the DWD’s business acceleration program, they will receive funding, media exposure, development support, for an overall value of 1 million euros.

Entrepreneurs must meet several criteria to be eligible, such as:

  • A mixed team with at least one woman founder.
  • The use of new technologies to serve a better world.
  • Existing structure in Europe and/or in Africa for less than 5 years.

Intrapreneurs on the other hand must mainly demonstrate that they are developing new growth opportunities within their company based on agile and original methods. This category concerns employees of large and medium-sized companies who have developed a project in agreement with their employer while remaining employed, which may lead to the creation of a startup, but also to other innovative activities and orientations, such as new products, services, technologies, administrative techniques, strategies development.

DEADLINE: February 2, 2020

Apply here: LesMargaret Award

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