Opportunity: WAAW Foundation is Recruiting for a Business Development Manager


This position is to manage WAAW Foundation fundraising and partnership growth strategies, including business development, sales, and program management for software development projects and STEM training, project planning, management, administrative support to WAAW foundation programs.

The Business Development Manager is responsible for the organization\’s consistent achievement of its mission and objectives in program development and financial growth.

  • Build and coordinate the delivery of projects
  • Drive Business Development and sustainability initiatives for new office including:
  • Developing tech hub, an incubator/office sublease initiative
  • Develop new programs to support the strategic direction of the organization
  • Design and send program funding proposals to multiple sponsors and stakeholders
  • Implementing and managing changes to ensure project goals are achieved
  • Assist in identifying new potential partners and engage with clients.
  • Work closely with the WAAW Foundation team to obtain set objectives.
  • Expand STEM teacher training program across other states in Nigeria including Eastern and Western Nigeria.

Apply here: Business Development Manager

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