Tony Elumelu Foundation Seeks Mentors for Its Business Program


The Tony Elumelu Foundation seeks mentors for its entrepreneurship program. To achieve its goal of 1:2 mentor/mentee ratio at most, we would like to take advantage of your network to recruit additional mentors. Kindly share this link with those you deem fit to mentor and grow the selected African Entrepreneurs –

Qualities of a TEF Mentor:
1. TEF Mentors are passionate about entrepreneurship and helping young businesses thrive, patient, tech-savvy (to be able to utilise the TEF Connect effectively), highly qualified and experienced in their business or profession, knowledgeable in key sectors.
2.  Mentors can be male or female, from all sectors and from any country across the globe. 

We also require a higher number of Francophone and Lusophone mentors this year

Apply here: Tony Elumelu Mentors

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