Call for Ideas


The Lab is holding an open call for ideas for financial instruments that can unlock investment to tackle some of the most difficult climate and sustainable development challenges.

The Lab is seeking ideas for financial instruments that can unlock investment for climate mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries. This year, the Lab has a special call for ideas that target sustainable agriculture for smallholders in West & Central Africa, sustainable energy access, blue carbon in coastal & marine ecosystems, and sustainable cities. Ideas that target other sectors will also be considered.

  • Sustainable agriculture for smallholders
  • Sustainable energy access 
  • Sustainable cities 
  • Blue carbon in coastal and marine ecosystems 

Ideas are selected based on the following: 

  • Actionable – Identifies (1) the type of entity(ies) that could implement it, (2) the pathway towards implementation, including the timeframe, activities, and key milestones, and (3) possible challenges to implementation and related management strategies.
  • Innovation – Demonstrates the ability to address, directly or indirectly, barriers to private climate finance that (1) have not yet been addressed or (2) that will be addressed more effectively compared to other instruments in the market.
  • Catalytic – Demonstrates potential to (1) mobilize private climate capital within a sizeable market, (2) be scaled up or replicated in other contexts and, (3) achieve socioeconomic, development, and environmental impacts.
  • Financial Sustainability – Identifies (1) a strategy to phase out public financial support, thereby achieving market viability and (2) possible challenges to achieving its intended objectives and related management strategies.

DEADLINE: December 19, 2018 

Submit your ideas here: The Lab Ideas 

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