Only 10% of those who apply for jobs in Africa are qualified


This has been uncovered by research conducted by ROAM (Ringier One Africa Media), who is encompassing the market-leading job portals in West Africa (Jobberman) and East Africa (Brighter monday), as well as Executive Recruitment and HR Solutions firm, The African Talent Company. The company has analyzed data sets from more than 12 million users, as well as from more than 100,000 employers, across Nigeria and Kenya active in the last two years.

Close to 90% of applicants that apply to a job position are objectively not a match for the role advertised. This is caused less by a shortage of jobs, but a fundamental misunderstanding of job requirements, both from employers and candidates.

The company’s research further brought to light that an average job listing receives about 140 – 160 applications. This showcases that there are huge hiring efforts involved in the application and recruitment process, even before the interview. This is both on the candidate side, to launch this large number of wrong applications, as well as from the employer, to identify the 10% of right candidates, amidst a large number of unqualified requests.

2 thoughts on “Only 10% of those who apply for jobs in Africa are qualified”

  1. That headlinecant be factually correct if 10% referred to as qualified are also African, or do the qualified exclusively come from other races?

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