The AWP Network Congratulates Winners of the 2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition


The AWP Network congratulates winners of the 2018 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. 

Winners of the Competition were announced on October 6, 2018 at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin. Mary Olushoga, Founder of the AWP Network served as a judge at the event.

The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is a global program and an online platform to mobilize youth-led innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Co-organized by the Goi Peace Foundation (GAP Key Partner), Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Digital Experts United, the Competition invites young entrepreneurs (age 15-35) from around the world to submit their innovative ideas and projects with a societal impact, which champions and implements one or more of the 17 SDGs.

More than 700 participants and thousands livestream viewers witnessed the announcement of the winners and their creative ideas and innovative projects. The ceremony took place in the plenary hall of Henry Ford building at Free University Berlin.

The 2018 Grand Prize winner in the Best Ideas category, Shadi Alzu’bi from Jordan, attended the Winner’s Announcement Ceremony. Shadi was moved and overwhelmed when he heard his name called to come up on stage to receive his certificate, while being applauded and cheered by audience participants.

Serial entrepreneur Lisa Lang, founder of the PowerHouse Group gave the keynote speech at the winners’ announcement ceremony, and expressed how much thrilled she has been to know that members at the Entrepreneurship Campus helped to brush up each other’s ideas and to improve each other’s projects. Despite of the competition component, there has been a great spirit of collaboration among members of the Entrepreneurship Campus. By supporting and giving recommendations to each other of how their ideas and projects can get improved so that they are able to be successful on the market, Campus members have further discovered their entrepreneurial talents and increased their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Entrepreneurship education is the most important objective and achievement the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is aiming for, and a key component to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

In this year edition, 59,403 relevant comments and recommendations have been made by members at Entrepreneurship Campus for a total of 651 best ideas and best projects posted on the Competition website.

Also, 18,768 courses have been taken in entrepreneurship education in 2018. The courses in entrepreneurship education are offered free of charge on the website of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

Young people (15-35 years of age) in 93 countries from all around the world have submitted their social entrepreneurial ideas and projects this year.

Winners in the Best Ideas 2018 Category

  • People’s Choice winner: Educating every person on cardiopulmunary resuscitation by Kratika Gupta, India
  •  Grand Prize winner: Water Watt – Thinking outside the box to generating electricity by Shadi Alzu’bi, Jordan
  • 2nd Prize winner: Cardio Vision by Omar Alhaj Mahmoud, Jordan (living in Saudi Arabia)
  •  3rd Prize winner: UPCYCLERS by Neema Mit, Tanzania

Winners in the Best Projects 2018 Category

  • People’s Choice winner: SWIFTHEAL by Zhahzeb Khan, India
  • Grand Prize winner: “Waridi” is a Swahili word meaning rose flower by Venoranda Kuboka, Kenya
  •  2nd Prize winner: NSSL – An innovative device that can save thousands of lives by Sheetal Kumari, India
  • 3rd Prize winner: CLEVERHOME by Naomi Dinamona, Cameroon

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