Meet the Nominees of the 2018 International Children\’s Peace Prize


The prestigious prize is awarded annually to a child who fights courageously to promote the rights of the child.

The International Children’s Peace Prize has become a global phenomenon. In 2018, children from no fewer than 45 countries were put forward as nominees. Out of the 121 children nominated, most hail from Kenya (12) and Mexico (12), closely followed by India (10). 72 girls, 42 boys and one collective of children were put forward for nomination. This year’s nominees together defend the rights of children on a wide range of issues, including Child Participation, Education, Peace, Gender Equality and the Environment, and various other pressing global challenges.

But the other nominees, too, demonstrate to millions worldwide that change is possible. KidsRights offers the nominees an international platform on which they can spread their message and continue their important work. Once again, the annual list of nominees comprises many inspiring and encouraging stories about true changemakers who demonstrate that young age need in no way be a barrier to launching initiatives that improve children’s rights.

A special event for the nominees will take place November 20 in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Meet the nominees here: Children\’s Peace Prize 

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