Introducing the 15 Companies Accepted into Facebook\’s Accelerator Program in Lagos

The teams went through an intensive 1-week bootcamp between the 27th and 31st of August 2018 and have now kicked off their six-month journey to build, modify and optimize their value-driven products.

The selected teams will receive up to $20K in equity free-funding, partner credits, mentorship, technical and business support from Facebook and CcHUB

RoadPreppers: is a chatbot for public transit directions in Nigeria and other developing countries.

Quadron Studios: QVES is a virtual reality safety training solution that prepares enterprise workers for emergency situations by use of immersive virtual training experiences.

Gricd Agroservices: GRICD Frij is an affordable and efficient IoT-powered storage device that complements existing storage medium to extend the shelf life of tomatoes.

Vetsark: Vetsark is a web-based platform that uses disease report data to predict, prevent and manage disease outbreaks, for the benefit of livestock farmers, veterinarians and public health.

AI Commons: DeepStack is a suite of Dockerized AI server software that enables developers to easily build, deploy and manage AI powered applications on their private servers and edge IoT gateways.

Project Move: Project Move is a virtual reality accessory which significantly improvises immersion and interaction in mobile driven VR systems.

Up NEPA: is an IoT-powered analytic platform that monitors, records and predicts electricity supply.

Treplabs: REALDRIP prevents back flow of blood during drip treatment by monitoring flow rate, volume administered and automating the process.

Team Kanji: Kanji Drive is an immersive driving simulator based in Lagos that teaches users how to drive and be road aware using a GT racing rig set up.

Cycles: Cycles is a bike-sharing services for short and medium commutes within Nigerian communities.

Insyt: Insyt is a sentiment analysis software that provides businesses with a means to improve customer satisfaction via opinion mining in local languages.

SayPeace: SayPeace is an AI-powered tool for monitoring hate speech on social media in real-time to predict possible occurrences of violence.

Chiniki Guard: Chiniki Guard is a monitoring, analysis and reporting software for security cameras. Chiniki uses AI to estimate human poses and detects suspicions like shoplifting and theft in retail stores.

Smart Electricity: Smart Electricity is researching the use of wireless electricity to power applicances in homes and offices.

Plant Doctor: PlantDoctor is an application that uses AI to diagnose plant diseases and suggests solutions to farmers and Agric extension workers.










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