Apply for Pitched Nigeria and Win a $10,000 Grant


Are you creating a business or running an early-stage company? Pitched addresses two gaps in emerging markets: access to capital and startup quality. While Pitched supplies prize money to its winners, the organization develops startup quality so that founders are more likely to thrive on their own. At the same time, increasing startup quality helps make startups more investment ready. The ultimate goal is to strengthen entrepreneurs who are solving problems and able to create jobs. 

Network: Get exposure to potential partners, investors, customers, employers, and mentors.

Feedback: Applicants who make it to the Video Application round will receive feedback to help ready them for pitch Day. Participants at Pitch Day receive feedback from the judges and audience members.

Refine: Competition spurs growth and innovation. thus pushing your company. Couple this with the rigorous selection criteria and you have a boost to your business.

PITCH DAY: December 8, 2018

Apply here: Pitched Nigeria

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