Introducing the 9 Female-Led Startups Accepted for the GreenHouse Lab Accelerator Program in Lagos



Venture Garden Group and GreenHouse Capital have launched GreenHouse Lab, a female-focused tech accelerator program and Africa’s first “Powered by Google” accelerator. GreenHouse Lab was founded by GreenHouse Capital – a venture capital firm based in Lagos and is “Powered by Google” – the only accelerator program in Africa with this distinction. After going through over 100 applications from 8 countries and interviewing 20 of these companies, we selected 9 companies to be a part of the GreenHouse Lab accelerator program.

Bankly, a goal based digital savings and peer-to-peer transfer product which uses a recharge to save model similar to mobile top-up used by mobile networks.

Xigma, generates off-grid energy using multiple smart zero emission energy sources such as conformal solar cells, Airstream turbine, and electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency.

Social Lender, is a lending solution based on social reputation on mobile, online and social community platforms.

Versus, collects online and offline data for the African market and provides consumer insights to global brands planning to enter into the emerging market.

Allpro, provides an end-to-end lending platforms for schools in Nigeria.

Nicademia, is a video-streaming and content distribution animation company for promoting the culture and languages of Nigeria and other African countries.

BitMama, is a crypto-fiat exchange that allows customers and traders to buy and sell Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital currencies in Africa.

Kozzi Homes, is a one stop center for all housing needs ranging from land and homes to plumbing and home furnitures.

AMPZ. tv, is an online media platform that connects the African sports ecosystem from grassroots using mobile and web technology.












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