Finalists Announced for the 2018 Ecobank Fintech Challenge



Ecobank has announced the finalists for the 2nd edition of the annual Ecobank Fintech Challenge, a competition for Africa-focused technology startups. The list includes eleven (11) fintech startups from across the continent and beyond. The startups are:

  • (Nigeria),
  • Nala (Tanzania),
  • Litee (Benin),
  • SESO Global (South Africa),
  • InvestED (Sierra Leone),
  • Eversend (France),
  • Secapay (Nigeria),
  • Virtual Identity (South Africa),
  • MojiPay (Togo),
  • Awamo (Germany),
  • Lypa (Kenya).

An Innovation Fair & Awards ceremony will honour the startups on August 30, 2018 at the global headquarters of Ecobank in Lomé, Togo.

At the ceremony, the startups will exhibit and pitch their products to a jury for the Ecobank Africa Fintech Prize, which will be awarded the top innovator and two runners-up. The top three (3) innovators will win cash prizes worth US$10,000, US$7,000, and US$5,000 respectively.

After the Awards ceremony, Ecobank will enroll all eleven finalists into the Ecobank Fintech Fellowship. The Fellowship will run for six-months during which Ecobank Fintech Fellows will benefit from an opportunity to further explore partnerships with the Ecobank Group that includes:

  • Multinational product roll-out support: for the startups deemed commercially viable to grow their businesses across any of Ecobank’s 33 markets in Africa;
  • Service provider & ecosystem partner deals: for startups with deep capabilities to become product partners within Ecobank’s ecosystem;
  • Technical & mentoring support: during the six months fellowship period, fellows will benefit from technical support from Ecobank’s global network of technology leaders, fintech experts, investors and management coaches.































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