Investors: Opportunity To Acquire Majority Stake in Carthage Cement S.A


The purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest is (i) to inform investors about this Transaction, (ii) to describe the sale process, and (iii) to guide the interested investors on the pre-qualification document’s withdrawal. This Call for Expression of Interest is open to Tunisian or foreign legal entities. Interested Investors may act alone or form a consortium represented by a leader.

The Tunisian State and Bina Corp (the “Sellers”), the controlling shareholders of Carthage Cement S.A  (the « Company » or « Carthage Cement »), have decided to proceed, through a public tender, to the sale of majority stake (50.52%) in the Company to a strategic and/or a financial investor who is capable to insure its management and development.

The sale process will be conducted in two phases: A pre-qualification phase and a binding offer phase open to all pre-qualified investors.

Company Overview
Carthage Cement S.A is a public company which is specialized in the production of cement, aggregates and concrete. The 2.2 million ton capacity plant which was equipped by a market-leading supplier of cement industry equipment, is located in the southeast of Tunis (~ 35 kilometres) at the bottom of Djebel Rsas, a Jurassic limestone outcrop. The company operates two side-by-side quarries, the first has an area of 218 hectares and is on property, whereas the second measures 140 hectares and is leased from the public property. A more detailed presentation of the company is available in the prequalification documentation.

DEADLINE: February 16, 2018

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