Enter the World Bank Data Science Competition and Win $15k


The World Bank  competition will supply a set of training data with anonymized qualitative variables from household surveys in 3 countries, including the “poor” or “not poor” classification for each observation.

The challenge is to build models which can accurately classify households from a different set of test data (with the poor/not poor classification removed!) for the same 3 countries, and then submit them for scoring. Performance is measured by the mean log loss for the 3 countries which tells us how accurate the classification models developed are.

Prizes are:

  • $6,000;
  • $4,000;
  • $2,500
  •  plus a $2,500 bonus prize for the top-performing entry from a low- or lower-middle income country.

DEADLINE: February 28, 2018

Enter here: World Bank Data Science











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