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At the 2018 edition of the African Diaspora Investment Symposium, the African Technology Foundation and the African Diaspora Network will co-present the inaugural African Diaspora Tech Awards in Silicon Valley to recognize technology pioneers, and amplify the ventures of young upcoming entrepreneurs. As the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley slowly grows in diversity and Africa seeks its own original unicorns, we are eager to celebrate and elevate our current pioneers and increase the stakes for true afropreneurship within Silicon Valley and all the way to the continent.

We are calling for nominations of male and female African Founders within the diaspora over the next three weeks. Self nominations are also welcome.

Target Sectors:
1. Frugal Technologies.
2. Application Software.
3. Inclusion and Impact (E.g. Energy, Fintech, Education, Health)
4. Services (E.g. Commerce, Transportation, Agriculture)
5. Enterprise Solutions.

DEADLINE: December 22, 2017

Apply here: Africa Diaspora Tech 









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