Meet the Winners of the 2016 African Entrepreneurship Award


BMCE Bank of Africa has announced winners of the second edition of the African Entrepreneurship Award, which allocates $1 million to businesses in three categories: education, environment and uncharted. The award ceremony, chaired by President Othman Benjelloun seeks to compensate and mark “a fundamental turning point for African Entrepreneurship.”

First Place, $150,000:

  • Environment: Mahmud Johnson, Liberia – “Oil Palm products”
  • Education: Jennifer Shigoli, Tanzania – “Reusable Sanitary Pads”

Second Place, $100,000:

  • Environment: Ernie Aylward, South Africa – “Electric mini-cabs”
  • Education: Abideen Adelu, Nigeria – “Mobile application for students”
  • Uncharted: Joyce Kyalema, Uganda – “Pumpkin food”

Pioneer Awards, $50,000:

  • Frederico Peres da Silva, Mozambique – “Connect blue-collar, informal workers to customers”
  • Achiri Nji, Cameroon -“Live status updates on road conditions”
  • Benti Gelalcha, Ethiopia – “Veterinary Ambulatory Clinical Services”
  • Murtula Sanni, Nigeria – “Online platform for skilled workers”
  • Omar Kadiri, Morocco – “Free phone credit”





















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