“I am not giving up yet” Serial Entrepreneur Launches WeMove.co

Software Engineer, Celestine Ezeokoye can best be described as an entrepreneur with a deep history in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. He has been written about, criticized and is now looking to break new grounds in the transportation sector. In 2013, Ezeokoye co-founded Tiketmobile as an interstate bus ticketing service but ran out of funds shortly after, as a result, could not sustain the company though he felt, it was a good idea. He states, “I am not giving up yet. I am back with a bigger and better idea.”

Will the funding be enough this time around? We will find out in months to come.

Ezeokoye’s company, Tiketmobile Limited recently launched WeMove.co. Currently in its pilot phase, the booking platform enables transportation accessibility in Nigeria. A University of Lagos graduate, Ezeokoye believes his new product will help customers looking to book vehicles for groups of people. WeMove.co provides customers with a platform to find various modes of transportation at the best available price possible. The website also allows vehicles owners to list their automobiles, which in turn could provide an additional source of income. In other words, those who own vehicles could make some money from their machines.

With the long-term goal to build technology innovations within the transportation sector, WeMove.co aims to formalize, organize and create order to the informal process as well as disrupt the market of vehicle hires. The company also wants to build a vehicle service marketplace that will eventually morph into a transportation as a service (TaaS) platform.

Ezeokoye brings to the table loads of experience, first as a serial entrepreneur and then as a software engineer. He has served as a global startup advisor for the Seedstart Business Plan Competition. He is also recognized as one of the most influential young people in Nigeria’s growing tech industry. He is multi-lingual in Igbo, Yoruba, and Pidgin English.

Ezeokoye refers to a satisfied customer, Lade Tawak who talks about using WeMove.co for a recent trip. She writes in a recent medium post, “My friends and I planned to celebrate the end of an academic session. Three (3) years in the department of psychology at the University of Lagos definitely requires some celebration. We decided to go to Omu Resort, Ibeju Lekki. We had sorted out the food, drinks, and all that good stuff, which left the biggest concern – Transportation. Uber was not an option because there were six (6) of us. Also, Uber does not reach Ibeju Lekki. I asked around for a car hire person, and a friend recommended WeMove.co. I experienced great customer service and was very satisfied.”

Want to use this service or learn more about WeMove.co.

Contact Celestine Ezeokoye here:
Website: wemove.co
Twitter: wemove.co
Email: book@wemove.co
Phone: (+234) 08086514565






































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