Founder of AWP Network to join the Expert Panel on Economic Empowerment for Women in Nigeria


Hosted by The Guardian, Mary Olushoga, Founder of the African Women Power (AWP) Network will join the expert panel on women\’s economic empowerment in Nigeria tomorrow. The panel and discussion will take place on Thursday, November 3 from 2-3.30pm GMT to discuss how to encourage financial independence for women in Nigeria.

Joining Mary Olushoga on the panel are:

  • Shade Ladipo, executive director, WEConnect International, Lagos, Nigeria @shadeladipo,
  • Noella Moshi, program lead, WAVE Academies, Lagos, Nigeria @NoellaMo, @waveacademies,
  • Gbenga Sesan, executive director, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria @gbengasesan,
  • Chitra Nagarajan, activist and writer, Maiduguri, Nigeria @chitranagarajan,
  • Fiza Farhan, global strategic development advisor, Lahore, Pakistan @Fiza_Farhan,
  • Annabel Azim, enterprise development program¬†director, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, London, UK,
  • Titus Orngu, gender technical adviser (Women Peace & Security Programme), UN Women, Yola-Adamawa, Nigeria,
  • Adanma Abalunam, project manager on the Growth and Employment in States (GEMS3) program, Adam Smith International, Abuja, Nigeria @gems3nigeria, @AdamSmithInt

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