Apply: Business Innovation Lab for Women in Ghana


The African Women Innovators Network Business Innovation Lab is an intensive training and mentorship program created to equip young African women with the tools needed to develop innovative businesses that help to build a better future for African women and girls.

The innovation bootcamp brings together a selected group of ambitious and talented young African women to develop new innovative business ideas that help to build a better future for women and girls in Africa. Over the 2 days, participants are equipped with problem solving and innovation tools as well as supported to incorporate the use of technology to develop their solutions.

Application Criteria:

  • You are a young African or diasporan woman aged 18-35,
  • You are passionate about helping to build a better future for African women and girls,
  • You have a NEW and innovative IDEA for a business that has potential to positively impact the lives of African women and girls. (Do not worry if your idea is not fully formed. Over the course of the program you will be supported to develop and refine your idea),
  • If you already have an existing business, your idea must be a NEW and innovative solution that positively impacts the lives of women and girls,
  • You may apply as an individual or team. (Please note that for teams, all members of the team must meet the application criteria.)

The winner of the Demo Day final will receive:

  • Free office space for 3 months,
  • 3-months of dedicated support and business mentorship,
  • $1000 seed funding to help them develop their idea further

Apply here: Women\’s Tech Innovation Lab

DEADLINE: December 16, 2016












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