Apply: $250,000 Mozilla Equal Rating Innovation Challenge

\"equalratinginnovationchallenge_logo\"Mozilla just announced the launch of its global Equal Rating Innovation Challenge, a competition which invites contributions on ways to provide unfettered access to the open Internet for anyone across the globe. As part of its initiative, Mozilla is asking entrepreneurs, designers, researchers and innovators to propose creative and scalable ideas for connecting more people to the Internet, built on local knowledge and expertise.

The Equal Rating Innovation Challenge will support promising solutions through expert mentorship and funding of US$250,000 in prize monies split into three categories –

  • Best Overall (based on scalability),
  • Best Overall Runner-up,
  • Most Novel Solution (based on experiment with a potential high reward).

This level of funding may be everything a team needs to go to market with a consumer product, or it may provide enough support to unlock further funding for an infrastructure project.

Apply here: Submit your ideas 

DEADLINE:  January 6, 2017











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