Attend: The Agrique Africa Investor Mission To Nigeria


Welcome2Africa is pleased to announce the Agrique Africa Investor Mission to Nigeria taking place March 2017.

Following the success of its Agrique Africa Investment series – particularly the Agrique Africa Investment Summits, which brings together agribusinesses and investors, there is a need to continue with catalyzing investment interest into Africa’s agricultural sector.

Therefore Welcome2Africa International is inviting partners and participants to join us towards the implementation of its Agrique Africa Investor Mission to Nigeria. The Agrique Africa Investor Mission to Nigeria is a project designed to provide an exclusive opportunity for investors and trade representatives to visit established agribusiness projects in Nigeria seeking expansion capital.

Activities will include :

  • Site visits,
  • Briefing sessions – Dinner/Breakfast briefing with Nigeria\’s key agricultural stakeholders,
  • Market sector discussions,
  • Business-to-business meetings,
  • Face-time with policy makers/regulators;

The Agrique Africa Investor mission will provide an opportunity for investors and key stakeholders of Nigeria’s agricultural sector the opportunity to visit agribusinesses in Nigeria seeking finance. The agribusinesses they meet, will be pre-vetted and match the following criteria:

  • The company is to be an established businesses running operating for 3-5 years with proof of the track record of the business – profitability, cash flow, balance sheet;

  • Attractive growth prospects;

  • Competent management who shares in the investment risk;

  • A sustainable competitive advantage;

  • Export performance/ potential;

  • A clear quality of corporate governance with clear management and operating structure;

  • A demonstrably positive impact in general on rural socio-economic development – wealth creation, rural employment, entrepreneurship, diversification of the economic base;

  • Utilisation of local resources;

  • Socially and environmentally sustainable;

  • Seeking between $50,000 – $10m for expansion;

If you would like your agribusiness to be featured or to make further enquires please email  info (at)













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