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 Cassandra Ntiamoah is the 2013 winner of the AWP Network Photo Contest. She is founder of \”Africhic,\” a fashion manufacturing and design company.  She started her company by making bow-ties out of Ankara fabric and then proceeded to design bags, shoes, and dresses for her customers.

Cassandra says, \”being an entrepreneur means being able to provide creative and affordable fashionable products to people from different backgrounds, and in doing so, making them feel special inside and out.\”






Agbro Omovigho Richard popularly known as the FunnyWhiteMan, is a Nigerian comedian, on-air personality, actor and content developer. He is the host of fast-rising internet sensational program \”The FunnyWhiteMan Show,\” a satirical news program.

Agbro describes himself as a quintessential polymath, renaissance man, and a super-sharp comedian who delights every audience with his multidimensional ability to entertain with relevance. Due to his creativity and style of presenting he is regarded as the Jon Stewart of Nigeria.







 Bukola Dawodu is a 2013 AWP Network Photo Contest applicant who has also featured on CNN Africa. She is founder of Benefits Consult now referred to as Benefits Aquariums. She grew up with the mindset that whatever you build or create with your hands should be of benefit to the environment – directly or indirectly. Dawodu builds and designs aquariums based on client\’s specifications (aquariums in homes, schools, offices, lounge, resort centers, and hotels just to mention a few).

She encourages young people in her community to be focused and not be susceptible to the negative impacts of their environment. Entrepreneurship she says, is meant for strong minds, each step requiring effort and perseverance, then living becomes easy.





Akachi Nwoke is a makeup and gardening enthusiast who works at the House of Tara International Enugu. She is the second of four lovely girls and she studied Food Science and Technology (FST) at Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

She states, \”four years after my college education and with no meaningful employment, I decided to do the unthinkable, pursue a collarless career. First started as a freelance makeup artist but today I work with an amazing company that has and is still empowering thousands of young people via the makeup industry.\”






Lucy Sandra Asomugha is 2015 winner of the “Miss Culture Intercontinental Pageant.\” She is a nurse and a pre-medical student at George Mason University. Lucy is passionate about helping people through her volunteer efforts at various shelters and nonprofit organizations.

Lucy also founded the Health to Wealth Foundation, a platform created to eradicate the cycle of hunger and poverty through healthy living.















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