Enter Your Business into the Social Enterprise Contest


The Social Enterprise Contest will offer trade financing to at least one (1) established for-profit social enterprise, which helps advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The contest will be open to JCI members and young people ages 18 to 40 in eight (8) target countries (Colombia, Estonia, India, Jordan, The Philippines, Senegal, Turkey, Uruguay.) The winning proposal will be selected, financed and mentored by kountable, a technology platform providing support to entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies.


Four (4) finalists will receive:

  • a complimentary trip to the 2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit (includes registration, travel and hotel accommodations for one individual),  **Each area will have one (1) selected finalist.

Grand prize winner will receive:

  • Financing from kountable (Since launching in Rwanda in May 2015, kountable has deployed more than US $2 million in Rwanda and realized around US $5 million in transactions for local entrepreneurs.)
  • Complimentary trip to the 2016 JCI World Congress (includes registration, travel and hotel accommodations for one individual) **The Grand Prize Winner will be selected from the group of four (4) finalists.


  • Be a current JCI member or young person ages 18 to 40, from one of the eight (8) target countries identified,
  • Be an established entrepreneur with an existing social enterprise and a track record of success,
  • Demonstrate how the business contributes to at least one of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the need for trade financing,
  • Apply using the JCI Grant Management System and, if passed to the second round, using the kountable system.

Apply here: JCI Social Enterprise Contest 

DEADLINE: June 2, 2016













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