Apply: Business Development Training for Social Entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa

\"Magination\"In sub-Saharan Africa, far too many mothers and children needlessly die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Are you an entrepreneur providing health care products and services to mothers and children? We want to help you and your organization, so that you can positively impact even more lives. Join us to receive custom business development training and individualized mentoring from proven Silicon Valley executives and GE health care experts.

The healthymagination Mother & Child program aims to help social enterprises addressing maternal and/or child health strengthen their business models, refine business plans, reinforce organizational development, manage talent, and learn how to scale sustainably. Enterprises that provide infrastructure services or facilities associated with needs from pregnancy to pediatric care are also eligible to apply. The program is being offered to 15-to-20 selected participants.

Selected social entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, South Africa and Angola will be taken through a detailed training program. Other countries where the social entrepreneurs who apply will be screened include Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Senegal. Participants will learn business fundamentals and how to improve strategic thinking. If selected they are expected to articulate a business plan that demonstrates impact, growth, and long-term financial sustainability.

The program includes 6-month’s of online training during which participants will be matched with a Silicon Valley leader who will guide them on how to develop a scalable enterprise. The program begins in July with an in-person event in Nairobi; and ends with an investor showcase in February 2017, also in Nairobi.

DEADLINE: May 18, 2016

Apply here: healthymagination













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