\”Entrepreneurship is Hard\” – Says Founder of Daily Spark Media

You see… I wake up every Monday and say \”Thank God it\’s Monday!\”

Another chance to go out there and be GREAT… and in fact that goes for everyday. I am happy to be alive, healthy, and loved with limitless opportunity to make an impact on the people around me and pursue great things. I wake up every single day feeling fantastic and grateful and I want you to feel the same way.

It might sound like motivational BS, but it is genuinely how I feel.

If you are happy or at least content with your current situation, then that is awesome. Keep doing what you are doing!

However, if you are not happy with your current situation… If you celebrate the coming of Friday only to wake up dreading going to work Monday morning, it might be time to GET SERIOUS about making a change. I think we can agree it\’s at least worth thinking about.

Am I telling you to quit your job tomorrow? No! That is madness.

I am not telling you to quit your job period. No one should. I will be the first to tell you that Entrepreneurship is HARD.

And as much as I love it, Entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone.

Furthermore, we all have bills and responsibilities that cannot be paid off with hopes and dreams. Nobody cares. You need money.

So no… do not quit tomorrow (unless you were planning to… then please continue). Rather I am suggesting that you can work towards something better, that you enjoy more, whether that involves entrepreneurship or not.

I firmly believe that in most cases we can improve our situation if we are willing to take our goals and dreams at least as seriously as we take our day jobs. Based on the advice of some of my mentors and virtual mentors, here is what I would humbly suggest.

  1. Figure out what your goals are… In an ideal situation, what do you actually want. Gain clarity around this. Write them down every day and look at them every day, allowing your subconscious to become immersed in them and start working towards potential solutions, even while you sleep.
  2. Make an actionable plan for how you can get there. Do not pull this plan out of thin air, or source it from your friends & family, as much as you love them, unless they are an authority on your area of concern. Make the plan more credible and more likely to succeed by basing it on people who are already where you want to be. Mentors, books, podcasts, blogs, and Mastermind Groups are just a few of the ways you might start to collect that information. Don\’t try to make your plan perfect. This will kill you. Just make it good enough to start! You can always adjust as you move forward.
  3. Commit to the plan and Execute that plan. Look… Some people get lucky, but generally, \”overnight success\” takes a while to build. If you are serious about this (and I believe you are), you need to be consistent and work on your plan every single day until you reach your goal (and you will!)

Decide when during each day you will be working on your plan and block it out on your calendar. It might be just a little bit every day, depending on your schedule and responsibilities, but get something done!

Also, look at how you can create more time for your dreams by reducing or cutting out activities that do not contribute to them (example: because I am in the process of launching 2 new ventures, and the amount of learning this requires is immense, I barely watch any TV currently. TV is cool, but my goals are much more important, and I take them seriously).

Success does not give in easy, so do not expect it to come immediately. Do not expect to go viral and win based on one blog post, one game launch, one promotion… one of anything… but do not let that discourage you. So long as the pursuit is worthy and your plan is solid, be ready to take action repeatedly and massively over and over without seeing results for a long period of time. With this level of commitment, the goal is practically yours. I am so passionate and certain about this.

When I sold a large chunk of my mobile gaming venture last year, I knew that I wanted the next stage of my career to be extremely valuable and impactful. Helping others to achieve success only makes us happier and more successful. That is why I started building the Daily Spark Entrepreneur Community – a free Private Facebook Group to support Dynamic Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

In just 2 weeks, the Community has grown to 300 members & a movement much larger than myself, with no signs of slowing down. It has been beautiful to watch experienced millionaire entrepreneurs in the same room as career professionals just trying to get started in the game, side hustlers, and business owners who have been at it for a while but have not yet cracked the code… everyone sharing, learning, and growing together.




Muoyo Okome is the founder of the Daily Spark Entrepreneur Community, a fast-growing online community dedicated to the empowerment, education & support of entrepreneurs. He has previously started, grown, and sold a mobile gaming company and runs several businesses in the mobile, online & e-commerce spaces.

A career-long technology professional and alumnus of the Princeton University (BA) and The Wharton School (MBA), his prior experience includes software engineering, consulting, and business management roles at companies such as Microsoft & IBM.




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