8 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs


Remember that you are not super woman. Delegate! Do not try to do everything at home and in your business. The fact is that you cannot. If you want your business to grow – you may need to find strategic ways to hire, find volunteers, interns, part-time staff so that you can delegate responsibilities.

Find supportive networks. Start a meetup group, find other entrepreneurs with whom you can share and discuss challenges. You may use the internet to find various supportive networks to help you on and offline.

Be Social. Get connected to social media. Use this free tool to build your personal and business brand.

Be bold enough to enter male-dominated fields. Do not be afraid. Fear Not!

Take hold of your finances – understand what is going on in your business with regards to your cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss statements. Do not solely rely on your accountant, Be responsible.

Have a clear vision – who is your target market? Where are you going with your business idea?

Have an end-goal – what have you accomplished? Be accountable.

Find a coach and a mentor – do you have one? Be open-minded and be willing to learn from others.



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