Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program


The Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program (GWSLP) is a program developed by NYU Wagner in collaboration with Fundación Mujeres por África and Banco Santander. The program offers a one-year, cohort-based leadership development program for women in mid-level positions in Ghanaian civil society organizations. Through the program’s leadership development, individualized coaching, and networking opportunities, GWSLP participants develop the skills and support needed to lead transformational change in their communities and society at large.

Ghanaian women make invaluable contributions to their country’s social, economic, and political growth. However, these contributions are often underrepresented and women in Ghana often lack access to positions of higher authority. The GWSLP offers mid-career women an opportunity to grow as leaders, take on new leadership roles, and tackle the pressing issues in their communities.

The program is a part of Ghana Wins! partnership program at New York University, which aims to strengthen the capacity of Ghanaian women as leaders in healthcare, education and civil society.

DEADLINE: January 15th, 2016

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