Looking for African Women Scientists and Technology Specialists

\"Capture\"Are you a brilliant young female scientist or technologist doing globally relevant, locally impactful research and/or development?  This application is open to Africans living both on the continent and around the world  in all fields of science, including the social sciences and technology fields.

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF)an AIMS initiative in partnership with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, is a new global forum for science in Africa that will propel Africa onto the global scientific stage.

The NEF Fellows program will provide brilliant young women with the opportunity to present their research and draw upon the vast networks of NEF members and participants for  support, connections and advice to advance their work. Applications to the NEF Fellows program are open to Africans from around the world.

Applicants should be under 42 years old and have a doctorate degree with a demonstrated track record of innovative research and findings. NEF Fellows must also be passionate about raising Africa’s science profile and be able to captivate both a scientific and non-scientific audience.

The NEF will unite more than 500 outstanding thinkers and distinguished stakeholders from around the world together in Africa. NEF Global Gatherings, held every second year. The event will  showcase Africa\’s top young scientists and connect them with leaders from Africa and the rest of  the world in high-profile, invitation-only forums. These leading scientists, policy-makers, business people, journalists, civil-society representatives and entrepreneurs will highlight breakthrough discoveries and catalyze scientific collaboration for human development.

The event will be held in Dakar, Senegal from March 8 – 10, 2016

DEADLINE: December 31, 2015

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