Founder of AWP Network at the H.O.P.E. Foundation Enlightenment Series

November 21, 2015 – Founder of the AWP Network, Mary Olushoga served as a coach and mentor to youths during Covenant University\’s H.O.P.E. Foundation Enlightenment Series. Also present at the session were Femi Taiwo – Executive Director, H.O.P.E. foundation and Chima Michael Oleru – Founder, AfrikInterns. The enlightenment series was created to train young people in Nigeria on how to create value and gain the skills needed to enhance their careers and employability.

The event was well attended and provided an opportunity for young people to receive coaching as well as network and connect with one another. Here are a few quotes from the event.

\’\’You can not sell yourself if you are not good at what you do – how can you?\’\’ – Mary Olushoga

\”Value cannot be rejected nor disregarded, value is no respecter of gender or age.\” – Femi Taiwo¬†

\’\’I interned at BusinessDayNG, today i am heading the IT team at BusinessDayNG\’.\’ – Chima Oleru #LeveragingOnInternships

\”People always talk about passion but the core of this is how do you find your passion.\” #HopeEnlightenmentSeries with Mary Olushoga

\”Discovery of purpose, gifts, talents is the discovery of value.\” – Femi Taiwo

\”I noticed a lot of people in Nigeria wait until they can\’t get a job before they start entrepreneurial pursuits.\” – Mary Olushoga

\”The first person who actually invested in you was the ONE who created you . There is so much value in YOU.\” – Femi Taiwo

\’\’So much talent in Nigeria but fewer jobs which is why I preach the gospel of entrepreneurship.\” – Mary Olushoga

\’\’Its great to find your passion but it costs a lot to build on your passion\’\’ – Mary Olushoga #HopeEnlightenmentSeries

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