Andela Developers Present Winning Hack in San Francisco

Winners of Uber\’s first hackathon in Lagos, got the opportunity to present their winning hack to the Uber API team in San Francisco, California.  \”After a grueling battle, judges of the Uber Lagos hackathon identified three (3) extraordinary projects that showcased the capabilities of the Uber API.\”

Andela developers became the grand prize winners of the event where they created the Executer. Think of the Executer as your personal assistant that has full insight into all your upcoming meetings and events.

Once you sync your Google Calendar to the app, Executer figures out where you are and where you need to be at any point in time. A couple of hours before your next events starts, Executer will send you a notification asking if you still want to continue with the Uber request to your next appointment. If your plans have changed, Executer will cancel your Uber request, but if not it you can expect your Uber to be on its way.

Learn more about Lagos-based company, Andela here.

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