50,000 Euros Up for Grabs

\"SiemensThe Siemens Stiftung is looking for low technological solutions or products with business potential for basic supply problems in developing and emerging countries. The “empowering people award” is addressed to any individual, team, organization or enterprise from any region in the world. The products or solutions have to already be in use.

The aim of the competition is twofold: Firstly, to identify winning solutions that can be further scaled with the developer and have them implemented on site and secondly have these innovations prominently showcased in a central database. All intellectual properties will remain with the developer/developing team. Developmental cooperation organizations and institutions such as the Siemens Stiftung may also approach inventors to further their products.

Submitting enterprises should fulfill the following criteria:

  • the enterprise develops solutions or products which have the potential of social impact for people in developing and emerging countries,
  • the enterprise develops solutions or products which are already successfully implemented to improve basic supply in developing or emerging countries,
  • the enterprise has a strong focus on job creation,
  • the enterprise follows values such as fairness, social responsibility and self-sustainability.
  • the enterprise is not a microfinance institution, private equity fund or deposit taking institution.

All entries will be evaluated according the following criteria:

  •         Potential of the approach to making a contribution in solving basic supply problems,
  •         (Social) Business concept with view on job creation and replicability,
  •         Sustainability of business with view on financial aspects,
  •         Environmental performance,
  •         Technical feasibility considering resource demand, functionality and reliability under local conditions.

We are looking for relatively simple, appropriate technical products and solutions in the categories:

  • Water & Waste Water,
  • Energy, Food & Agriculture,
  • Waste Management, Healthcare,
  • Sheltering,
  • Education,
  • Information & Communication.

These categories have been defined as they depict the areas of basic needs in developing and emerging countries. The entries should be designed to meet these basic needs challenges and enable individuals to access these areas. Each product or solution submitted has to be implemented in a project.

PRIZES: sum of 50,000 EUR. The second prize is valued at 30,000 EUR, the third at 20,000 EUR and a further 5,000 EUR will be awarded to 20 runners up. A Community Prize will also be awarded with a prize of hardware to the value of 3,000 Euro.

DEADLINE: November 30,  2015

Apply here: Siemens People Award

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