06DThe Planet Earth Institute (PEI), an international NGO working for the scientific independence of Africa has made a commitment to fund the AWP Network Agropreneur project

Dr Álvaro Sobrinho, chairman of the Planet Earth Institute said, “data holds a huge amount of promise for scientific development in Africa and for many different business sectors too, but we have not yet fully explored how it can be used at a local level to improve lives. We are always looking for practical ways to support science and technology, and this will help do just that – developing and incubating new ideas with real impact.”

The AWP Network Agropreneur project is a workshop-based training project set to use quantitative and qualitative data to inform and help women farmers improve farming techniques, practices, as well as increase yield and production at a reduced cost. This includes a three-day practical training session on irrigation rice farming, post-training extension services, and building a network of women farmers across Nigeria.


Have questions? Email: mary@awpnetwork.com