IBM Announces Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups

\"Untitl\"IBM recently announced the launch of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups.

Are you ready to propel radical ideas and innovate how we live and work? Join over 5000 startups and learn how working with IBM is a game-changer. IBM has a long and deep commitment to the entrepreneurial community. Global in nature but with a focus on local startups, IBM Global Entrepreneur has the resources you need, including free software and technical experts, exposure to 600+ expert mentors including corporate execs and serial entrepreneurs, plus access to a global network of clients. Take advantage of the most cloud services available in the market for startups.

Through this program, IBM will offer up to $120,000 worth of IBM Cloud usage credits to qualifying startups as a move to fund innovations and to spark interesting collaborations between the startups and its own entrepreneurial community.

This program will give enterprises a full-blown access to IBM’s cloud portfolio, which includes tools to evaluate social data leveraging IBM’s new Twitter partnership, Aspera’s high speed data transfer services, and Cloudant’s flexible Database-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Not only this, startups will get up close and personal with IBM’s vast entrepreneurial client base through IBM-facilitated networking dinners, CIO and entrepreneur meetings, and other events across the globe. And, this personal networking is probably the best opportunity for startups and the entrepreneurial community to make those vital connections that often change the course of their fate.

As for the required tech support for the program, IBM will offer consulting and support through its global innovation centers, its new incubator space in Silicon Alley and its growing network of Bluemix Garages.

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