Young Nigerian Techies Encourage More Girls to go Into STEM Fields

\"20140716_182403\"Creators of the traffic app, Road Marshal – want more girls to go into STEM fields. Oladayo Satope, Oreoluwa Okuboyejo, and Adedayo Oluokun – all students at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria reflect on their success since developing their traffic app, Road Marshal, an online 2D game.

Satope, an Electronics and Electrical Engineering graduate and her partner, Okuboyejo who also just completed her BSc in Computer Engineering say they \”love to code and do it for fun.\” They are also on a mission to encourage more girls to learn how to code. They want to see more girls use technology to solve world problems. \”We want to change the world and we strongly believe that technology can help us solve many of the problems we see in the world today.\”

Satope continues, \”technology consists of diverse kinds of specializations. Most young women are sometimes intimidated by the technical and geeky aspects of tech but there are also many fun and enjoyable aspects of technology.”

As young women, we ensure that we share our thoughts and perspective when invited to speak at various girls/women in STEM enlightenment programs.

The girls offer advice to those interested in coding but are afraid to start, \”start developing the smallest or seemingly dumb idea you have, the developmental process will make you a better person at whatever you are doing, the skill and abilities you develop during the process can never be taken from you. And who knows, the idea you looked down on, might be the next google of our time. Just start somewhere, that’s the lesson here.”

Road Marshal is 8 months old. The game teaches people to obey traffic rules. You may download the game here. The goal is to develop a mobile version and make it available on Google playstore.


Written by Olufemi Omotayo, Publisher, EntrepreNEWS



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