8 Quotes from African Women Entrepreneurs at the CUNY Young African Leadership Symposium

Mary Olushoga, Founder of the AWP Network moderated the women\’s panel at the 2014 CUNY Young African Leadership Symposium, which took place at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

On the panel were entrepreneurs: Funke Bucknor-Obruthe – owner and creative director at Zapphaire Events, Karen Nungari-Waweru – special education specialist,  and Mobolaji Akiode – professional basketball player and founder of Hope 4 Girls Africa.

Here are (8) memorable quotes from the event:

(1) \”Support me because I am competent not because I am a woman.\”

(2) \”I don\’t see myself as a woman, I see myself as a human being.\”

(3) \”I truly believe that success always transcends gender.\”

(4) \”Being an African woman in 2014 is still a stigma.\”

(5) \”Women need to be more forceful, and not laid back or passive.\”

(6) \”I want more African women and girls to know that you can be anything you want to be.\”

(7) \”Get out of the it\’s not possible mode, everything is possible.\”

(8) \”Never underestimate the power of having a role model or mentor – find one.\”


Should gender matter? what does it mean to be an African woman in 2014? Please share your comments, thoughts, ideas with us twitter – @Africwomenpower



3 thoughts on “8 Quotes from African Women Entrepreneurs at the CUNY Young African Leadership Symposium”

  1. AWP Network,

    Thank you for writing abut the panel! It as a wonderful event. The quotes are interesting. I don’t agree, to make woman leaders we need to separate the fact that we are women. I see myself as a human being created to be a woman, and yes one should hire me because I am a woman and can do the job because I am qualified and a leader. I am a woman, I love attending to a home, caring for a husband, and having children. I think the way God made us is powerful and in gaining equality it doesn’t have be stripped away and have it told we are the same as men. We aren’t we are woman, different body type a, thinking, and emotions. We can be a virtuous woman leader.

    In addition I loved the advice of a role model and mentor apart from a relationship with God, which is also important.

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