Start a Business on the Ampion Venture Bus

\"Untitled\"Ampion is looking for business people, designers, and coders. If you are passionate about developing new ideas or creating a new business, then this is the perfect trip. You will spend a week with other incredible creators looking to build something great as part of a brilliant road trip.

Being part of Ampion means that you collaborate with people who have the skills you don\’t have. Have a great idea but lack the technical ability to get it done? Meet coders. Have you developed a great product but don\’t know how to take it to market? Meet entrepreneurs. Wish you could present a beautiful business idea with the style it deserves? Meet designers.

Buses run from September to November 2014
West Africa: Lagos to Abidjan,
East Africa: Dar Es Salaam to Kigali,
Southern Africa: Harare to Cape Town,
North Africa: Rabat to Tunis

Apply here: Ampion Africa



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