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\"Andela\"The Andela Fellowship is a highly selective, 4-year, paid professional opportunity to work with some of Nigeria\’s leading technology companies.

The fellowship is a new kind of academic experience. It is like a university, except instead of paying tuition, you earn an income. The initial months of the Andela Fellowship involves immersion training in full-stack (front-end and back-end) development skills. After 1,000 hours of instruction, we place you on projects as you continue training to ensure that you are equipped to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


Boot Camp (2 weeks):
Group 1: Oct. 6-17, 2014 (Application deadline: Sept 26)
Group 2: Oct 20-31, 2014 (Application deadline: Oct 6)

This is a FREE two-week-long training program that will allow you to gain valuable programming skills. When it’s over, the highest-performing participants will receive job offers to join Andela full-time as Andela Fellows.

Immersion Training (3 months): Nov 3, 2014 – Feb 3, 2015: During a three-month-long immersion training program, Andela Fellows will receive a monthly stipend. After three months of training, you’ll be qualified to work on client projects with top technology companies.

Full-Time Employment: At the end of Immersion Training, employees will be eligible for continued training and employment with Andela.

Apply here: Andela



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  1. Hi,
    Can my daughter who has done ATC level one and is studying for level 2 join Andela?. And do you offer courses in Accounting?. apart from IT?.

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