Innovation and Health: Nigerian Entrepreneur Creates Website to Educate Africans on Ebola

\"unnamedAs a direct response to the crisis ravaging through communities in West Africa, and as Nigeria braces for more Ebola cases, medical doctor and techpreneur, Seyi Taylor has created an interactive website to inform and educate the public on the deadly virus.

His company, Big Cabal Media recently launched The site aims to capitalize on the growing number of tech-savvy Africans who use the internet on their mobile phones as the first point of call when searching for information.

Since the launch of, the site has received over 600,000 unique visitors and content from the site will soon be translated into various languages to include: French, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and Pidgin.

In a press statement, Seyi Taylor wrote, \”with the launch of, we acknowledge the millions of Africans who are regular internet users and we hope that they will use this site as a first point of call for all information on the Ebola virus.\”  He continued, \” is extremely accessible and easy to navigate on all tech platforms – mobile being the no. 1 platform here on the continent. We hope that people will share the available information as part of the global effort to contain the Ebola outbreak.\”



Seyi Taylor is co-founder of Big Cabal Media. He earned a degree in medicine from the University of Lagos. Learn more here Big Cabal Media










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