Founder of Genii Games Launches New App

\"Tort\"Innovator and entrepreneur, Adebayo Adegbembo founded Genii Games the parent company of Asa – a growing collection of interactive mobile applications that teaches Nigerian culture and languages. Read his interview with the AWP Network here.

The new app, Adventures of the Tortoise, is a collection of African folktales. The audience follows the Tortoise on his adventures through various African cultures and app users may also explore the unique features of these cultures to include: folksongs, names, customs, diversity, etiquette, and much more. Adventures of the Tortoise is a blend of stories that aim to serve the following purposes:

  • teach African folksongs,
  • serve as an educative tool to stimulate children\’s reading habits,
  • serve as a tool for explaining life’s values and morals,
  • serve as a bridge between various cultures,
  • serve as an entertainment piece for bedtime stories.

Learn more about the app here: Genii Games







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