Five (5) Business Lessons from WorldCup 2014



post written by Mary Olushoga

(1) Winning is not always guaranteed.

(2) Lessons from #BRAvsGER, just like in life, there are no restart or reset buttons. Play hard and play well. You can choose to move on and do better, but technically, there are no reset or restart buttons.

(3) Lessons from #USAvsGhana, never underestimate your opponent. You don’t know how hard they’ve trained. Be prepared. Be ready.

(4) When you win or ‘score a goal,’ take the time to rejoice, to celebrate your achievements and successes.

(5) Be a team player. Don’t know how to be a team player? Go and learn. This is a very important skill in business and in life.



3 thoughts on “Five (5) Business Lessons from WorldCup 2014”

  1. Thanks for taking time out to note these lessons. They are absolutely useful applications to life.

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