The AWP Network to Train Women Farmers in Taraba State, Nigeria

The AWP Network recently made the commitment to train women farmers in Taraba State, Nigeria.

The AWP Agropreneur Program will teach innovative farming techniques through collaborative learning and workshops. This program will allow women farmers in Taraba State, Nigeria to hone in on their entrepreneurial skills, increase farming productivity, and household income.

With this, we are happy to announce our partnership with locally based entrepreneur Zanau Hassan Maikusuwa, a seasoned farmer and CEO of Farmfields Agro-Allied Services. Zanau Hassan will coordinate and manage the day-to-day activities of this program.

The AWP Network remains to committed to supporting the growth, development, and entrepreneurial efforts of African women.

Want to learn more about this program? Have questions or concerns, email: theawpnetwork {at}




3 thoughts on “The AWP Network to Train Women Farmers in Taraba State, Nigeria”

  1. Mary Olushoga & AWP Network are taking Empowerment to the Next Level! Using Innovative Agri-technology and blending it with hands on Education is a Dynamic Way to Empower the People of Nigeria. Keep up the Blessed Work!

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