Attend: The 4th Africa CEO Roundtable

\"\"The 4th Africa CEO Roundtable and Conference on Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (AR-CSR) will hold June 19–20, 2014 in Tinapa, Calabar.

This year\’s program will focus on the intersection where financial inclusion fosters economic sustainability and enhances societal benefit. The AR-CSR™ platform remains relevant in discussing issues of Sustainable Corporate and Economic Development, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the enhancement of a public-private synergy for the attainment of a credible business environment in Africa.

The financial industry plays a critical role for society at large: serving individuals, families, businesses, governments, civic institutions, and other stakeholders. The sector performs indispensable functions such as enabling financial inclusion, facilitating saving and investment, providing protection from risks and supporting the creation of new jobs and enterprises. It is critical that the sector operates to provide these functions for society in a stable, sustainable way, and increases awareness of its activities in this area.

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