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\"techlaunch\"The techlaunchpad program is a public-private partnership focused on promoting software technology development among local entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The objectives of techlaunchpad are as follows:

To assist the tech startups admitted through the techlaunchpad programme in building their skills in areas such as:
• Technical skills,
• Business skills,
• Management skills,
• Provide the requisite support and mentorship to the startups in ensuring that their solution adhere to international quality standard and have relevance to the industry through mentoring,
• Facilitate access to fund and market.

The beta solution must meet the requirements below:

• Must be innovative and not infringe on any known copyright,
• Application and solution documentation must be in English Language,
• Solution should not yet have been introduced into the market; but should require short lead time to commercialization (18 months or below);

Application must be within the stated areas of scope under the following industries:
• Agriculture and Logistics
• Building and Construction
• Telecommunication
• Health

Existing, new and aspiring software developers (company or individuals):
• Nationality
• Participants must be Nigerian citizens
• Participants must be of a minimum of 18 years
• Participants must be available in Nigeria throughout the duration of the programme
• Participants with business entities must be registered in Nigeria with a minimum of 51% local equity (i.e.. At least 51% of the company should be owned by Nigerians)

Deadline:  June 8, 2014

Apply here: Techlaunchpad


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