A Young African on What Entrepreneurship Means to Him

A Young African participates in our photo essay series and shares with us what entrepreneurship means to him.

Name: Ahmadu Abdullah

Location: Kuje, FCT Abuja, Nigeria

What does Entrepreneurship mean to you: Entrepreneurship to me, means creativity. When people think of entrepreneurs, they think of someone in an office setting but this definition for me, includes the common trader on the street. The street trader also applies the same tested entrepreneurial strategies albeit on a different scale.

The first picture titled “Have a Vision,“ shows a mountain in the distance. This was taken on a local farm in Kuje. I believe that a business must have a purpose, goal, and target. The business owner must be willing to work hard towards his/her goals regardless of obstacles and difficulties ahead.

The second picture “Feed Your Business,” shows a woman tending to her chickens. All businesses require attention. Like chickens, they need warmth, feeding, and constant care.

The next picture shows a market scene. The typical market environment in Nigeria is usually very chaotic. As I walked through numerous stalls, I learned how important it is for businesses to stand out. In a highly competitive marketplace, an entrepreneur survives by being different. A lady I met at the market said, “what you offer and how you offer it may be the only reason you make a sale.”

The fourth picture shows commercial motorists popularly known as \”okadas.\” Here I learned how important it is to be patient and why it is important to choose the right location for your business. The right location for your business can help boost sales and may ensure an influx of customers with minimal advertising.   As it neared closing hours, I noticed that these men took up to three (3) times more passengers an hour than the regular run around motorists. Patience and location is valuable to an entrepreneur.

The last picture shows a vendor surrounded by his customers. A business does not thrive without people and more importantly, without customers. This vendor is surrounded because he sells information and he is informed enough to know what people want to read. Businesses thrive on informed decision-making and on knowing what customers want for the next big thing or better made product.

Entrepreneurship requires hard work, creativity, and critical thinking.

As a young African, my voice matters because I want to broaden my scope of experience and give back to society. I also believe that Africa could do better with a little more love.




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