A Young African on What Entrepreneurship Means to Her

A young African participates in our photo essay series and shares with us what entrepreneurship means to her.

Name: Akachi Nwoke

Business Name: Visages Parfait Beauty Place

Location: FCT Abuja, Nigeria

What does Entrepreneurship mean to you: Entrepreneurship to me, means freedom. I am a young university graduate and a makeup artist from Nigeria. I share my story so that it may inspire other young people.

I want young Africans to know that we do not have to wait for the government to create jobs but with hard work, we can choose to be productive. We can learn a trade and carve a niche for ourselves. I have gone from being a jobless graduate to being an active entrepreneur. I know what it feels like to be jobless, helpless, and completely without money. But with my business, it’s been a total transformation. I have gone from being jobless, to being the source of help and financial support to my family. Because of my personal journey and story, some people see me as a source of inspiration. My advice to young people is to start a business, keep trying, and keep going.

I started from the bottom and I appreciate how far I have come. I take pride in myself and in my work. Determination, persistence, consistency, and constant practice along with the belief in what you can achieve, will get you far.

I am a makeup artist and I specialize in making brides look exceptional on their wedding day. I also give models the perfect look for photo shoots. Rather than remain jobless, I encourage young Africans to start a small business. At times, I am invited to speak at empowerment programs and I always say to young people, start a business. As a makeup artist, my business may not solve a world problem but if I am able to support my family in times of need – I think that’s a big step.

I hope that my story helps to sow the seed of entrepreneurship and teaches people that with hard work, anything is possible.

As a young African, my voice matters because I want to influence more lives. Through my work, I want to continue to inspire other young women, and encourage them to learn a trade, and start a business – get busy!  In Nigeria, we may not all get the government positions but from the little corner of our homes and private offices, we can change the world. My voice matters because if I never speak up, the voices of others may never be heard.



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