My Voice Matters: Young Africans Tell their Entrepreneurial Stories

Name:  Bukola Dawodu

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Why did you start your business: I started Benefits Aquarium when I could not find a job.  I hold a Master\’s degree in Marine Pollution and Management from the University of Lagos.

I grew up with the mindset that whatever you build or create in favor of the environment (either directly or indirectly) will be beneficial.  I am passionate about designing and constructing aquariums so I started the business with some of my classmates.

I designed my first aquarium in 2010.

Though the market is a bit tough, I believe that with time and more effort, things will change for good. This business is my job and I am proud to be an entrepreneur. I need help with setting up a standard aquarium outlet in a strategic location and I would like to buy equipments so that I can make more unique designs.

As a young African entrepreneur, my voice matters because I need the support and encouragement to continue my business as an independent  aesthetic entrepreneur in aquarium design and construction.

18 thoughts on “My Voice Matters: Young Africans Tell their Entrepreneurial Stories”

  1. She is going places as a matter of time. we did MSc Together at the greatest Unilag. She is intelligent and has enterpreneurial skills.

  2. Entrepreneurs are builders of a nation. They are employers of labor by creating durable knowledge based employment. keep it up, the sky is the beginning.

  3. quite an awesome presentation of talent, with every opportunity that comes her way i believe she would use it to perfect her entrepreneurship,

  4. Dawodu is a female entrepreneur with a difference!
    Out of all odds, she chose a career (of building aquarium) that most men will NEVER venture into.
    She is a lady of lion heart!
    The most beautiful part of her is that she UNDER-PROMISE, yet she OVER delivers.
    She is an icon to watch out for in the line of entrepreneurship in the nearest future.
    Above all, she never relent on learning new things everytime, as she believes that only the dead souls require no further education.
    Best of luck lady…the entire staff Global Ark Konzultz ( and Gaurapad charities love you.

  5. Oluwaseyi Ogunleye

    Wowwww! I’m sooooo proud of this lady! I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it might be to construct an aquarium but she did it! More grace to you!

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