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Name:  Bukola Dawodu

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Why did you start your business: I started Benefits Aquarium when I could not find a job.  I hold a Master’s degree in Marine Pollution and Management from the University of Lagos.

I grew up with the mindset that whatever you build or create in favor of the environment (either directly or indirectly) will be beneficial.  I am passionate about designing and constructing aquariums so I started the business with some of my classmates.

I designed my first aquarium in 2010.

Though the market is a bit tough, I believe that with time and more effort, things will change for good. This business is my job and I am proud to be an entrepreneur. I need help with setting up a standard aquarium outlet in a strategic location and I would like to buy equipments so that I can make more unique designs.

As a young African entrepreneur, my voice matters because I need the support and encouragement to continue my business as an independent  aesthetic entrepreneur in aquarium design and construction.