What qualities do I need to become an entrepreneur?

I am sure that there are many more qualities that one needs. But three (4) Rs come to mind.

1. Be Relevant – if your work is not relevant, it will not be recognized. Questions to think about are: (a) what problem (s) are you solving? If you are relevant and solving a problem, I strongly believe that you will create impact.

2. Be Relatable – Can people identify with your product or service? Do you have a target audience or market? Are you providing good customer service? These are some of the questions that you need to think about as you become relatable to your market segment.

3. Be Realistic – Is your idea plausible? Have you created something of value? Will your idea make money? Can you handle risk? The questions that I pose are important questions to answer as you think about qualities that you need to become an entrepreneur.

Lastly, it is important to remember that Results take persistence and hardwork. You have to learn to keep going despite all odds and more importantly, be willing to fail. Depending on your type of business, you also may not make money in the first two years and the question that you need to deal with is: Are you in a position in your life where you are not afraid to take risks or fail?  If you are not in that position, then it’s best to keep your day job.



3 thoughts on “What qualities do I need to become an entrepreneur?”

  1. Risk does = reward but there is a line with anything that efforts becomes more costly than credit for sales.

    I disagree with “be realistic.” Just because the idea is not feasible now, does not it mean it is not valid later. An idea chest is a good place to start then categories them into categories (sample):

    Not Feasible
    Not Evaluated
    Working on currently = Date

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