Improve Lives with $40,000 prize

The Hitachi Foundation is committed to finding and investing in young leaders who want to succeed and take their communities with them. We are in search of America\’s newest generation of entrepreneurs whose businesses are about making a living and making a difference.

The Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program identifies and supports inspiring young entrepreneurs whose work helps alleviate domestic poverty. This competitive program is open to entrepreneurs who are operating viable businesses in the United States with the dual purpose of making a difference and making a living. Eligible entrepreneurs must have launched their business before they reached age 30 and business must be between one and five years old.

In addition to a $40,000 grant, we provide awardees the ingredients they need to succeed, including leadership development, business mentoring, technical assistance and access to a network of peers and advisers. With our support and the support of our partner organizations — including Investors\’ Circle, Social Venture Network, B Lab, and PICnet — these individuals can take their work and communities to the next level.

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